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After some years, finally I made my first tutorial video, after many question and comment in my previous video about design and production of plastic shredde.

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  • 2021. 6. 30. · The commercial shredder available are very costly, so the small-scale shredder can be beneficial. Also, change in cutter blade design, feed rate, transmission system are useful parameters to be considered in design and development of shredder machine. Keywords —Shredder Machine, Plastic Waste, Waste Recycling, Design of Shredder. Fixing this single screw extruder isn't our only task as we implemented design also. When given the extruder the motor wouldn't run and there wasn't a cooling system for the extruded product. Design of a water bath seemed to be the simplest and most effective way to cool the extruded plastic. at Lubbock, Texas, provided the outlook that all shredders used in brush were adaptations of crop shredders V7ith no additional engineering. Mr. Fisher believes that shredders will become a more important tool for the initial treat­ ment of brush when a shredder unit is designed for the purpose of shredding brush. Related V>'ork Laboratory Tests. developed and designed shredder machine for waste recycling but it is limited to domestic purpose only for small use which are cost effective and efficient about 60-70%. II. DESIGN CONCEPT OF SHREDDER The design concept of the shredding machine consists of four major subassemblies. • The machine frame, • Feeder unit of the hopper,. The calculation is designed for a geometrical Design and strength check of toothed Belt transmissions. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language, supports Imperial and Metric units and solves the following main tasks: - Selection of the type of Belt with a suitable output Power.

    Shredder design calculations pdf

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    Calculations Required for Shredder – Dave Hakkens. it is actually simple, if you are looking for long and efficient run, go with a 4kw, 5Hp motor (1440), a good reducer (SITI, 20:1 for not under 500 Euro, service class 1) and a 4Kw inverter, you can run 2 shredder units and 2 extruders on one drive shaft without any real problem, as long you feed it at the right rate of plastic which.